Everyone's Birthday
A colourful children’s book written by Marc Kielburger based on his true-life experience in Thailand. How, by attending a birthday, Marc was able to gain a richer, deeper understanding of poverty and friendship.


When he was a young boy, Marc Kielburger saw the problems of the world as too big. He didn't know what he could do, or even where to start. But it was then that he was invited to leave his home and go volunteer in distant Thailand.Faced with stark poverty for the first time in his life, Marc wanted to leave the community of Klong Toey after just one day. But as he packed his bags and called his mom, a group of street youth nearby got ready for a unique kind of birthday party. When their paths crossed, Marc had no idea that this celebration would forever transform his understanding of poverty -- and his whole life's journey.Follow a young Marc Kielburger in this true story about discovering the meaning of friendship and the power that one person has to make the difference of a lifetime.

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It Takes a Child
A Journey into Child Labor

Directed by Judy Jackson

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